It's everywhere. We drink it, heat it, cool it, fear it, enjoy it, need it. Amazingly, it makes up 70% of the average human body. A singular gas cloud in the Orion nebula produces enough of it to replace earth's oceans 60 times...every day.

God separated it. Israel walked through it. Egypt was consumed by it. Jesus walked on it, entered into it, changed it to wine; said we must be born of it and the Spirit to enter the kingdom, and that living rivers of it will flow from within those who believe. It washes, cleanses, restores, rejuvenates. Fish live in it, children play in it. Disciples die in it, and are raised to life from it.

Jesus instructed His disciples to be baptized in it in the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Baptism signifies our faith in Him and allegiance to Him as Lord and Savior - the One who redeems us and sets us apart for His service, holy unto God. Through water baptism we identify with Christ's death, burial and resurrection, as well as the empowering of His Spirit in us that enables us to repent and renounce our old, sinful ways of thinking and living and embrace our new, Spirit-filled life in Jesus.

Just as Jesus obeyed His Father and was baptized, we follow him when we obey Him and enter the waters of baptism. Baptism means to be immersed, plunged in to, or consumed. So we practice baptism by immersion, in water. We encourage you to embrace this life-changing step in following Jesus.

Come and be consumed!




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