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Dear Alabaster Kids Parent,

With the arrival of Fall comes the beginning of cold and flu season. Your child’s health and safety is our top priority. Here are some things that will help keep Alabaster Kids safe for everyone. Our sick child policy is adapted from recommendations from the Center for Disease Control. If any of the following signs or symptoms is present you should keep your child at home. Additionally, if a child shows up to a Alabaster Kids classroom with any of the following signs or symptoms, you will be asked to take them home.

  • Fever (an auxiliary temperature of 100 degrees or higher)
  • Diarrhea (2 or more watery stools)
  • Vomiting
  • Sore throat or difficulty swallowing
  • Headache or stiff neck (when accompanied by a temperature of 100 degrees or higher)
  • Head lice or scabies. Keep at home until all nit (eggs) have been removed
  • Rash or spots on skin; ringworm infection
  • Severe itching
  • Mouth sores
  • Conjunctivitis or pink eye. Defined as pink or red eyes with white or yellow discharge, often with matted eyelids after sleep.
  • Unusual nasal discharge (thick green or yellow nasal discharge)
  • Significant tiredness, irritability, crying (in combination with other symptoms)
  • Uncontrolled coughing (causing them to lose their breath, gag or vomit)
  • Difficulty breathing, wheezing 

If you are asked by one of our volunteers or staff members to pick up your child because of suspected illness, we ask that you keep in mind that the safety of your child and all the children in Alabaster Kids is our top priority. Should you have any questions relating to our sick child policy please feel free to contact any of our Children Ministry Staff at 434-338-7751 Monday –Thursday from 9am-6pm. For more information on how you can keep your child healthy please visit

Questions? Contact MEGAN GOMEZ