Alabaster House started as a prayer group in 2010, meeting in a private home with one purpose: “Drawing people to the heart of God and bringing Him glory”. We believe that this mission statement is transforming the focus our ministry on every level.

We believe our Mission at Alabaster House is to KNOW CHRIST, LOVE HIM AND REFLECT JESUS in our lives and community.


As Alabaster House continues to develop, we trust that who we are, what we do, and what we look like will reflect our commitment to these priorities in our lives and ministries, among our fellowship, and with the body at large.

In our lives and ministries:

  • Seeking, cultivating, an overwhelming hunger and desperation for intimacy with the Lord
  • Enjoyment of the Lord, particularly through intimate worship
  • Freedom for the Spirit of Jesus to move in our lives and ministries
  • Walking in continual, child-like dependence on the Holy Spirit
  • Christ-likeness in our character and actions
  • Learning to embrace the cross of Christ and its implications for our daily lives
  • The authority of the written Word of God for life and ministry
  • Learning to listen to the voice of the Father
  • Prayer and intercession as a daily practice
  • Personal healing for life's hurts

Among our fellowship:

  • Relationship and fellowship with God and each other
  • Personal transparency and vulnerability
  • The humility to be teachable and accountable to each other
  • Forgiveness and grace for each other, not taking and holding offense
  • Servant leadership and ministering out of rest
  • Equipping and training for the advancement of God's Kingdom
  • Equality of opportunity for all believers in the body, whether Jew, Gentile, male or female, desiring to see great unity in manifold diversity

With the body at large:

  • Spiritual unity and interdependence of the body of Christ
  • Openness to and appreciation for others in the Body
  • Accessibility to both give and receive from other streams of Jesus' ministry