We welcome you to join us on Sunday morning worship service, You can find the location of our sanctuary at the bottom of this page, we often sense an open heaven; for the atmosphere truly opens up when we enter into praise and worship with no specific agenda other than knowing God and drawing close to Him.


We at Alabaster House understand the challenge of going to a new church for the first time, or visiting again after having been away for a long time. Please understand that the people at Alabaster House are a very relaxed and extremely friendly group - possibly the most awesome family you never knew you had. We’re here to connect with God and with one another in authentic relationship, so we’re eager to walk with anyone who wants to know God and draw close to Him.

Sunday Service

Alabaster House is a Multi-Ethnic community of Christians who believe in Jesus Christ. You will see people from all different backgrounds and cultures in our services and involved in our activities. The best descriptive of a normal service would be, consistently different. Fun, serious, light, intense, passionate, joyful…our service tends to have its own feel and unique highlights, depending on how the Lord moves in our midst!

We love to praise and worship God Almighty, so after we interact socially for a bit, we spend a considerable time in worship – waiting, listening, responding to the Holy Spirit, searching our hearts and moving as the Lord directs. We then take a few moments to talk about the community aspects of our fellowship (some call this part announcements, though it can be fairly interactive at times). We also love to laugh (it does wonders for the heart...and the face). The children are then dismissed to their classes and we engage in further worship through a teaching, whether from Pastor Haniel or a guest speaker. Services usually conclude with an opportunity for individual ministry through prayer.

Overall, we’re a simple group who are passionately in pursuit of God’s heart (but not exactly big on religion). We’re after real interaction with the real God in order that we might represent Him the most effectively and accurately through the real life we each live with one another.

Regardless, our principal focus is on the heart, not outward appearances. Our desire is to teach and show what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to have a firm foundation in the Word of God and, ultimately, understand that our response is “I am Sent.”

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5225 Fort Ave. Lynchburg, VA 24502