Hello, and Welcome to Alabaster House! 

Welcome to Alabaster House. It is our joy to serve the Lord, and we desire to be a blessing to you and your family in any way we can. We are a church that loves Jesus and are committed to following Him, loving people, and serving the world!

Pastors, Haniel & Carmen Singh

Foundational to Alabaster House's mission is to draw people to the heart of God and to nurture an atmosphere of God's presence in our daily lives. It is in His presence that we are changed and permeated with His glory. Our lifestyle is spent waiting upon the Lord and worshiping Him. In these times of ministering unto the Lord many have discovered the Father's heart, a place of acceptance where a sinner can meet a loving God and believers can find healing from wounded areas.

At Alabaster House our desire is to allow Christ Jesus to rule and reign and truly be the head of His church. We are committed to this objective, our services are led by the Holy Spirit and therefore tend to flow differently from gathering to gathering. Important elements such as worshiping, teaching, sharing, giving, intercession and so forth, are all aspects of our services, but our focus is on developing a relationship with Him and one another as opposed to following a more rigid order. The result has been an incredible freedom to let God do what He desires to do on any given Sunday.

Alabaster House believes in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and His power in the believer's life for Spirit-led living and divine appointments. We do not put emphasis on the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The important thing is what God is doing on the inside of the heart. We encourage all who attend to walk in God's love, reflect and give it away.

We are a place where many generations interact, share, learn from, and bless each other. Whether you have never been to church, you’ve been hundreds of times, or you’re somewhere in-between, we invite you to get to know us at Alabaster House —and more importantly, to get to know Christ.

-- We invite you to join us.